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Imagine This – Art Exhibit @ BWAC - Brooklyn Waterfront Art Coalition
Sep 27 @ 2:00 pm – Oct 26 @ 6:00 pm
Imagine This - Art Exhibit @ BWAC - Brooklyn Waterfront Art Coalition

Imagine asking artists, already known for their beyond-the-boundary imaginations, to create something new and cutting-edge, something that takes them out of their comfort zone and into a new dimension of their art. Well that’s exactly what the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) asked their 200+ exhibiting artists to do for their Fall Show, Imagine This. And if it has viewers scratching their heads and asking that enduring question, “What Is Art?” -narrative pieces will accompany the work. If you’ve ever wondered what an artist was thinking, this might be your opportunity to gain some insight.

The Imagine This Narrative show is just one of the Fall Show’s varied exhibitions. Art In Clay II: Figuratively Speaking explores ceramics, evolved from their utilitarian roots and reinvented by regional artists as exciting, innovative contemporary art. Juried by Lily Wei, art critic, independent curator and contributing editor of Art News, it is a stunning show of 50+ pieces.

And the international juried Smart Device show explores imagination and creativity through the emerging technologies of the smart phones that we carry with us day and night. 200 works will be displayed on large screens.

The Ground Floor gallery will be completely transformed by the dozen giant site specific installations, some with sound or video, some interactive. A separate photography section explores the new directions photography has taken.

Special events are planned for each day of the show, including the Meet the Artists Opening reception with music by Paula Jeanine Bennett & the Imagine This Quartet, and the Eighth Annual Red Hook Film Festival, October 18 – 19.

So stroll through quickly-gentrifying Red Hook; have a lunch on the waterfront, enjoy the dazzling views of the New York harbor and then explore the 25000 square foot Civil War-era warehouse, venue to BWAC’s fall show.

Reproductive Awakening: Narratives of Agency in Black America: An Exhibition @ Museum of Women's Resistance MoWRE
Oct 3 @ 6:00 pm – Nov 24 @ 1:00 am
Reproductive Awakening: Narratives of Agency in Black America: An Exhibition @ Museum of Women's Resistance MoWRE

Designed around an exhibition featuring women artists, the project explores the historical, social and political significance of Black women’s struggle in the U.S. for reproductive autonomy and the impact of Black midwives in their communities. It focuses on birthing traditions and abortion rights through the 20th century to the present and celebrates an evolving advocacy that sustains the network of midwives serving African-American women.

Highlights include the keynote address by feminist activist, author and attorney Carol Downer on Saturday, October 4th. She’ll address ways in which European “witch” burning beginning in the 12th century, correlate with the demonizing of women healers and the economic and political monopoly that is modern U. S. healthcare. There will be screenings of Bringin’in Da Spirit, We Always Resist: Trust Black Women, A Period Piece and other films. Panels and workshops include those on midwifery, menses, menopause, “Placenta Medicine” “Choices, Rights, Autonomy,” and more.

Other exhibition-related programming includes The Red-Tent experience, (with one for preteens and teens as well), workshops on female sexual anatomy and holistic healing and wellness. Some events are free of charge, while others carry an admission fee. See for the full schedule and of events.

A team of women and one man were brought together by Kinyofu Mlimwengu to develop and produce “Reproductive Awakening” for the community.

Corina Reynolds: Northwestern Expansion @ Open Source Gallery
Oct 11 – Nov 2 all-day
Corina Reynolds: Northwestern Expansion @ Open Source Gallery

Corina Reynolds presents “Northwestern Expansion,” an installation for Open Source Gallery.

When explorers in the 1400′s patiently waited through harsh winters with their ships sometimes frozen in place during their search for the Northwest Passage, they were making progress while waiting. The occupants of a waiting room are not explorers, per say, but they are making progress towards a goal while in a state of pause—every second they get closer to their destination.

“Northwestern Expansion” is an immersive installation examining the act of waiting in pursuit of one’s goals. Reynolds recreates a waiting room and executive office from the Northwestern section of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Manhattan, which is home to the Social Security Administration, New York City Immigration, and many other government offices. In her installation, Open Source’s main gallery becomes a container that holds a “core sample” of the Javits building’s 31st floor. Reynolds uses the search for the Northwest Passage, a northern trade route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, as well as traditional waiting rooms as a metaphor for the waiting we do daily. These acts of waiting in office buildings, like the icy search for the Northwest Passage, are motivated by money, prestige, and exchange. Through carefully controlled light, surface, space, and typical waiting room furnishings such as vinyl flooring, industrial carpeting, service counters, and office chairs, Reynolds puts the viewer in intermission, evoking the experience of waiting and allowing individuals to examine their own ambitions.

Corina Reynolds is an artist who works with installation, video, and performance. Her immersive works invite the viewer to experience the hierarchies present every day in society. She earned her BFA from San Diego State University her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and in 2012 co-founded Small Editions, an artist book studio and press in Brooklyn. In 2011, Reynolds was an artist-in-residence at the Wassaic Project in New York. From 2011-2013, she taught courses in bookbinding and artist book publication at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. Reynolds has exhibited across the U.S. in New York, Michigan, Iowa, and California.

Imagine Science Film Festival @ Pioneer Works
Oct 17 – Oct 25 all-day

Imagine Science Films is excited to announce the 7th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival, October 17-24, 2014. The theme of the festival this year is “Time” in all its variants: time-lapse film, the age of the universe, time travel, geologic time, nanosecond-scale subatomic interactions, the genetics of aging, and much more! Opening night will take place for the second consecutive year at Google NY with a screening, panel and reception. Other venues include Made in NY Media Center, Pioneer Works, Anthology Film Archives, Rockefeller Center, The New School University, and Museum of Natural History.

Imagine Science Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in existence since 2008 committed to promoting a high-level dialogue between scientists and filmmakers. ISF encourages a greater collaboration between scientists who dedicate their lives to studying the world we live in and filmmakers who have the power to interpret and expose this knowledge, ultimately making science accessible and stimulating to a broader audience. Imagine Science Films is committed to drawing attention to the sciences, whether it is through art or our community outreach efforts.

The Nuts & Bolts of UN Peacekeeping: Brooklyn Panel and Reception to Honor UN Day @ Brooklyn Campus, Long Island University
Oct 23 @ 6:30 pm – Oct 23 @ 8:30 pm
The Nuts & Bolts of UN Peacekeeping: Brooklyn Panel and Reception to Honor UN Day @ Brooklyn Campus, Long Island University

What does it take to run a successful UN Peacekeeping operation? Drawing on personal experience and research, a panel of experts will discuss how the UN advances peace after violent conflict, including disarmament and strategic reforms. A reception will follow.

TOT SHABBAT @ BRJC @ Bay Ridge Jewish Center
Oct 24 @ 5:00 pm

October 24, 5PM at the Bay Ridge Jewish Center, 405 81 Street, Brooklyn, for 5 year olds and younger. Bring yur child to our dynamic program with Rabbi Dina Rosenberg who uses music, songs and stories to interact with your child. Questions: or 718-836-3103

TOT SHABBAT @ BRJC @ Bay Ridge Jewish Center
Oct 24 @ 5:00 pm

Friday, October 24 @5PM at Bay Ridge Jewish Center, Fourth Avenue & 81 Street, Brooklyn. Come and meet our dynamic Rabbi Dina Rosenberg as she introduces Shabbat Servicers to children of all ages. Befriend other young parents while your child interacts with our Rabbi. Questions: 718-836-3103 or

Rusty Belle and Kris Delmhorst @ Jalopy Theatre
Oct 24 @ 8:30 pm

About Kris Delmhorst

The Boston Globe says: Perennial Boston Music Award nominee Delmhorst makes a stunning transformation by moving from the countrified folk of her previous three releases to a dreamier and denser sound brimming with atmosphere and muted-but-infectious melodies. Following the recent model of Patty Larkin and Dayna Kurtz, she holed up in a cabin to spark the creative process. With Delmhorst playing 11 instruments and spare contributions from rhythm players and co-producer Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter), Shotgun Singer is a work of lo-fi beauty, and evidence of an artist taking flight.

The Royal Rumpus Room Presents Hoochie Coochie Burlesque @ Amarachi Prime
Oct 24 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Royal Rumpus Room Presents Hoochie Coochie Burlesque @ Amarachi Prime

The Royal Rumpus Room presents Hoochie Coochie Burlesque, a blues and rock-n-roll themed show. Featuring a succulent feast and a titillating show packed with full-bodied bumps and grinds, the Royal Rumpus Room and its performers will take you through the lowdown dirty blues, leaving you speechless and aching for more.

Essence Revealed
Genie Adagio
Clementine Dandy
Joyce LeeAnn

Hosted by Catastrophina

Tickets are available at

*Tickets include dinner and a show*

EAT LEARN PRAY @ BRJC @ Bay Ridge Jewish Center
Oct 25 @ 9:00 am

Saturday, October 25, 9AM, @ BRJC, Fourth Avenue and 81 Street, Brooklyn. Come to feed your soul through study and prayer. Join us for breakfast & learning followed by a shortened Shabbat Service!!