Brooklyn Health – With BK hospitals closing left & right, there’s just one thing left to do. Stay healthy!

 They just need time - and they’re hoping a Brooklyn judge will give it to them. Read more:

They just need time – and they’re hoping a Brooklyn judge will give it to them.
Read more:

We don’t mean to be masters of the obvious but when hospitals start closing it’s really important to stay healthy. There are a few ways you can do that. First, figure out what approach works best for you.For example, are you sort of lazy? Or were you forced into a sedentary lifestyle from years of horrible bosses?  Either way you may want to ease into it with beginner Yoga classes. Or gently doggie paddle at an indoor pool. Perhaps you’re more of a type A personality, the obsessive-compulsive type, or a more aggressive, there’s no time like the present, all or nothing kind of person. Then again, maybe you’re just not that far gone yet.

Brooklyn Road Runners Club

Brooklyn Road Runners Club

The point is, you may prefer to hit the ground running, which you can literally do at the Road Runners Club of Brooklyn or less literally at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bodyburn where you’re warned to expect soreness.Whoever you are, there’s no better time to go for it than now.  If money is a problem, Brooklyn even offers a “pay what you can” Yoga studio. Technically though, the best value in the Borough is courtesy of you, the taxpayer, via the NYC Parks & Recreation Dept. That’s where you can find recreation centers offering everything from exercise and weight rooms to Pilate classes and sports programs, some even have an indoor pool.

All that FOR HOW MUCH? A six month adult membership at a Brooklyn Recreation Center, only $75, under 18 FREE, and seniors $25 annually! Let’s also not forget all the FREE outside stuff Parks & Recreation maintains for us, like skate parks and courts for tennis, basketball, even Brooklyn’s unofficial national pastime, Bocce ball.  And, if you want to get healthy with your best friend, there are lots of dog runs too. Once you determine your work-out ethics, you’re ready to move onto healthy eating. Or maybe just start there.It’s Not You, There REALLY is Stuff Everywhere That’s Not Good For You or Your Family:A Park Slope Resident advises you to “Indulge Your Paranoia” and take the Park Slope Purity Test. You may be unpleasantly surprised at what they uncover. Are there PBDEs to be found in your house?